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 Welcome to our projects page, where you can find a curated selection of our work. The possibilities are endless.

Production of vehicle fuel system components

A well-known international company based in Israel ordered the design and production of a series of molds used to manufacture fuel system components for new cars from famous European brands. Our collaboration with this customer started in 1989, and we began working on full-cycle projects in 2010, which involved designing molds and delivering finished products.


Production of plastic caps for paint cans

In 2015, a paint manufacturer in Ukraine faced a problem with their paint can caps. These caps were unable to withstand low temperatures and were too tight. To solve this issue, Spetztekhosnastka developed a new cap design, manufactured molds, and started producing top-notch caps for the manufacturer. The two companies have been collaborating ever since.


Production of plastic parts for electronic devices

We received a request from an international company to produce plastic parts for electronic devices. We completed full-cycle projects, including designing molds, producing, and delivering finished products. We've been working together since 2020.


Production of plastic parts of household appliances for making carbonated drinks at home

Starting in 2012, the global household appliance company partnered with Spetstekhosnastka to develop molds for creating plastic components used in their home carbonated beverage machine. Some of these plastic parts are produced in Spetztekhosnastka's manufacturing facilities.


Vehicle fuel system components

We created molds for an international company that makes car fuel system parts for popular European car brands. Our collaboration with them started in 1989, and since 2010 we have been involved in every step of the process, from designing the molds to delivering the final products.

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Production of plastic devices for biotechnological laboratories

We designed and made molds for a Ukrainian company to produce plastic devices for biotech labs. The plan from the beginning was to mold the products at Spetstekhosnastka's facilities. We constructed a clean room that meets bio-trace-free requirements to guarantee proper production. Our collaboration has been in progress since 2020.


Production of plastic components of car audio systems

We started working with a Belgian international company in 2008. They asked us to produce plastic parts for car sound systems that would be assembled into speakers and installed on conveyors in new cars from famous European brands like VW, BMW, and Jaguar. We completed a series of projects that covered everything from designing molds to delivering products on schedule. Because of this, we are now a Tier-2 supplier for the European automotive industry.


Molds production for two-component injection molding of car fuel system elements

An international company tasked us to design injection molds for the two-component injection molding (2K) of car fuel system elements. Additionally, we also handled the pre-series production of finished products.


Control seals that are customized to meet the specific needs of our client

An international company based in the Netherlands had specific needs for a plastic control seal, particularly in breaking force. Our team developed the product, ensuring it met all customer requirements. We also designed and manufactured the mold and established serial production of the control seals at the Spetztekhosnastka facilities. We've been working together since 2019.

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Production of containers for desserts

A Belgian company has placed an order with Spetstekhosnastka for molds used in producing dessert containers for European airlines. This partnership has been ongoing since 2015 and involves the serial production of containers.

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